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Rock Armour is an engineered material designed to provide maximum impact and tear strength, while allowing cathodic protection current to coating defects that maybe on the buried pipe.  These properties are achieved through use of multilayer polyethylene liner that is perforated on 1” centers.  The outer and middle layers provide the impact and tear strength of the Rock Armour.  The inner layer is what makes this product different from other rock shields.  The inner layer is textured and conductive.   The perforations and textured inner layer improves the access of electrolyte to the coated pipe surface which allows CP current to protect any defects in the coating.  The addition of the conductive inner layer (10 ohm-m or less) adds unique advantage to further enhance the current flow to the any defects in the pipe coating. 

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Rock Armour is dedicated to bringing the most innovative and advanced rock shield to the market .  

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